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RoundCube Webmail logo (79px) Roundcube Webmail version 1.6.1 has been released. The main advantage of this email web client written in php is that Ajax technology is used to display the user interface, which gives a modern and smooth impression. Roundcube Webmail includes support for shared folders and namespacesAnd International domain names and SMTPdelivery statusnotices. In addition, the imap folders user interface has been modified to provide more space for extensions and plugins. The release notes for versions 1.6.0 and 1.6.1 can be found below:

Update 1.6.1 has been released

This is the first service release to update to the new stable version 1.6. Provides a bunch of small fixes and improvements after getting your feedback from version 1.6.0. See the complete change in Release notes on the Github download page. This release is considered stable and we recommend that all production installations of Roundcube be updated to this release. Please back up your data before updating!

Roundcube 1.6.0 released
We proudly announce the release of the next major release 1.6 of Roundcube webmail. With this achievement, we’ve cleaned up the codebase and introduced full support for PHP 8.1. Noteworthy changes, as already announced with the beta, are:

  • PHP 8.1 support
  • PHP < 7.3 support discontinued
  • Support for responses (excerpts) in HTML format
  • Option to clear deleted mails older than 30, 60 or 90 days
  • Unified and simplified service connection configuration options
  • The Classic and Larry skins have been removed from the Edition Packs
  • SQLite: Use foreign keys, require SQLite >= 3.6.19

See the complete change in Release notes on the Github download page.

Breaking changes to 1.5 and earlier

The following configuration options have been removed or renamed:

  1. IMAP:
    • Renamed default_host to imap_host
    • Removal default_port Option (Non-standard port can be set via imap_host)
    • Set “localhost:143” as default for imap_host
  2. SMTP:
    • Renamed smtp_server to smtp_host
    • Removal smtp_port Option (Non-standard port can be set via smtp_host)
    • Set “localhost:587” as default for smtp_host
  3. LDAP:
    • Removal port choice of ldap_public set (non-standard port can be set via host)
    • Removal use_tls choice of ldap_public matrix (use tls:// prefix in host)
  4. Administrative:
    • Removal managesieve_port Option (Non-standard port can be set via managesieve_host)
    • Removal managesieve_usetls option (set tls:// prefix to managesieve_host)

skins Larry And classic It is no longer part of the release packages. If you use them in deployment, you will need to install them manually.

RoundCube WebMail

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