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OpenTTD logo (75px) Versions 13.2, 13.2.1 and 13.3 of OpenTTD were released in quick succession. In this open source version of the game Transport Tycoon Deluxe Microprose, the goal is to build a transportation empire by road, rail, water and air. OpenTTD can imitate more than just the original game. For example, maps up to 64 times larger than the original can be used as a Amnesty International Worthy of the name, there is multiplayer and IPv6 support. downloads Available for Windows, Linux, and macOS, the game is also available on Steam these days available. Version 13 has a new and easier way to play multiplayer games. The changelog for version 13.2 is here Versions 13.2.1 and 13.3 should fix the issue with full screen resolution under Windows.

OpenTTD 13.3.1 update

Just one day later 13.2we present 13.3. And there is a little story here. But in short: we made a mistake 13.2.1and you need a 13.3 release with no functional change to make sure multiplayer games work as expected. Read more.

OpenTTD 13.2 (and 13.2.1)

As I write this, several of the development team and other members of the community are busy having fun at a meetup in Brussels. Not me though, I’m stuck here doing the release. We’ve been busy refactoring a lot of the core code to make future changes easier, but along the way we’ve found and fixed some bugs and quality-of-life improvements that we thought were worth releasing sooner than when 14.0 comes around. .

Notably, OpenTTD will now automatically disable hardware acceleration if it detects the last failure occurred while initializing the graphics driver. While hardware acceleration works fine for the vast majority of people, it causes crashes for people who then required command line arguments or manual configuration file editing to get it to work. This should be a better solution for these users.

Additionally, there is a change to the default mouse position on Linux to improve the experience when dragging a map (and often to match expected behavior in other games). As always, there are plenty of other bug fixes, which you can find in the changelog. While you’re at it, did you see the post about the upcoming addition of automated opt-in polling to OpenTTD 14? If you have opinions, we’d love to hear them! Details here.

Note: We made a mistake in the Windows version; 13.2.1 was pressed to address this issue. It’s fully compatible with Network 13.2, so there’s no need to update unless you want to

OpenTTD screenshot (810px)

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