June 10, 2023

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Software update: OpenBSD 7.3 – Computer – Downloads

What hatchets?

BSD derivatives are different operating systems. They have different goals. You seem to be hinting at a conflict – which is not the case.

OpenBSD’s focus is on security, good documentation, and clean code. From a practical point of view, this is not really compatible with the FreeBSD database. For example, the ZFS database is much larger and more complex than the OpenBSD kernel. Just to give a simple example.

This is not an error and does not cause conflicts between projects. This means that as a user you have to choose – which may not be very nice.

If for any reason you need or want to use some FreeBSD stuff, you can take a look at HardenedBSD. And it’s just FreeBSD, but with kernel hardening and userspace (including exploit mitigations).

I’m a big fan of OpenBSD myself, even the mascot is on my arm. But for my large storage arrays (NAS, SAN, whatever you want to call it) I use HardenedBSD in relation to ZFS. And also for some other edge cases (somewhat more complex virtualization).

Does this make OpenBSD inferior? never. It simply depends on which scenario is a more appropriate choice.

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