Software Update: Multi Commander 12.0 – PC – Downloads

TC has a somewhat outdated appearance. For many, this is precisely the allure of TC. For others, this is the reason why their computers are actively blocked. Multi-Commander scores better in the field.

History lesson, essential to my point of view:
@ tabletCheckpoint x He rightly pointed out that the appearance of the MC is very similar to Directory Opus on the Amiga home computer. For those who have enjoyed working with her, MC is more than a welcome file manager.

Opus 4’s evidence for the Amiga was pretty solid. Many revere Norton Commander. This was really a great program for PC. However, it was rather meager against the capabilities and raw power of Directory Opus 4 on the Amiga. What you can achieve with these very old hardware and software, now you need a computer, which is still a big size computer.

This was dismissed by the “PC” club as “home computer” nonsense. No, NC just earned the rating: Professional software when it comes to file management. Anyone who has experience with DOpus 4 on the Amiga knows best.

end of the lesson.

Directory Opus on PC is by far my favorite, but MC managed to capture this Directory Opus 4 image just fine. In addition, it is free, has a lot of possibilities, and you can “build” your own workflow and put it under one button.

Such things can also happen with TC, I am well aware of that. TC is a good program in itself, but that interface. No, I prefer to work with Windows Explorer. I find it an absolute horror and I will never install TC. There are more than enough people in my circle of acquaintances who use TC.

I’d rather spend the money on DOpus, but if for whatever reason that’s not an option, I’d go back to the MC.

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