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Mp3 tag logo (75 px) Florian Heidenreich has released version 3.22 of Mp3tag. With this program, the meta tags of the most popular music formats can be modified. Support is available for ID3v1, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4, iTunes MP4, WMA, Vorbis Comments, and APE tags. Moreover, file names can be modified based on those tags and playlists can be created. The changelog for this version looks like this:

Configuration settings for tag sources

This feature was a huge task. It allows tag source developers to define configuration settings for their tag sources, which, in turn, are used by Mp3tag to create a configuration dialog and in the tag source itself. This meant no manual editing of tag sources, which was tedious to update and prone to errors. I added Lots of documents 5 To start.

Checkbox fields in the tags panel

It is now possible to select checkbox fields in the tags panel. This can be useful for certain fields where it is the only valid entry 1for example, l COMPILATION And PODCAST. I also added a new one He writes-selector, which now lists the different supported field types text, checkAnd multiline.

More JSON related posts for Web Sources Framework

The focus was clearly on tag sources in this release. The Web Sources Framework has got several new functions related to JSON, which should make developing JSON-based tag sources easy (or at least like that).

  • json_select_many has new options for last item separator and maximum items to select,
  • json_select_many_count To issue the number of JSON array objects, or objects that contain a specific element,
  • json_foreach_counter Returns the current counter to loop over json_foreach or json_foreach_reverse,
  • json_foreach_reverse To start iterating over a JSON array in reverse order,

…and one general purpose post SayDuration which converts a given number into a formatted duration string.

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