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I’ve been using a similar tool for years (PCSHELL dos, Norton (dos/win), Windows/Total and now Free Commander and in Linux Midnight and Total command prompt on Android). I didn’t know this yet and will check it out, so I don’t have experience with this yet.

In general, you can perform a number of actions much faster and more convenient than using two separate Explorer windows. F7 create directory, F6 move, F3 view file, F4 edit text file etc.
You can do all this with scouts, but it takes more time in terms of procedures, but you’ve probably been stuck in that form for 30 years. Plus it’s one window, and with separate explorers I always lose 1. You hit tab and you’re in the other pane.

The comparison function is useful, for example. Freecommander has tabs so you can quickly switch between different sites. Total Command, you can also create icons for program shortcuts, perhaps so that they also open the selected file (useful if there is no association or if you want to use another program). Press the spacebar to calculate the size of the directory (with all contents)

If you do a lot of file management, as I do now with my NAS, this will come in handy and fast. But to each his own…

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