Software Update: Bitwarden 2022.9.0 – PC – Downloads

Of course, it also depends on whether you think it is important that you use a secure and stable solution. By subscribing, I think the price is very reasonable, and you are supporting development and investment in making this solution more secure. When “free” becomes an end in itself, you are after all alluding to “commercial purposes”, then you should consider that open source is not meant to be free (free as in Freedom, not as in Free Beer). Self-hosting isn’t free either, it costs resources, time, availability, risk of problems… It’s good to test but don’t make your family depend on it. I see “self-hosting” as a OK thing (in this case) for large companies who see online as a risk, but for the average admin/user who wants a high availability of a password manager, this seems to be a big risk. From what I understand, you can only host Bitwarden yourself and by getting this subscription you also have all the paid functionality. Of course you are responsible for availability, but you are sure that all applications and plugins continue to work together.

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