Smilegate Bans Over 1 Million Lost Ark Accounts For Using Bots – Games – Geeks

In this type of game, it often takes a long time in the long run to elevate the character to a higher level.

This is a “nice side effect” of bots, the majority only choose materials, loot and gold.

The conversion rate through these crystals is believed to be 1:3, a small seller is now doing 1k:1 (it will go up a bit now), buying gold is 3 times cheaper than buying royal crystals. There were several ‘tests’ in the purchase and it seems the first penalty you get is a 24 hour ban (unlike bots that get a perma immediately) and as far as I’ve seen in the controversy, no one has lost their gold.

The nicest aspect is always bot vs player, with WoW as an example, you suddenly got a break that your net revenue per hour of milling was higher than your current purchase price (farmers never sell directly, always through a buyer), plus that many’ Good bots are just paid subscriptions, and suddenly many people start farming for 8 hours a day just to earn $20-30 a day. Nobody here goes to work for $ 30 a day, but there are dozens of countries where this salary is very “decent”.

I don’t do much in packaging yet, but despite it being bad/wrong/blabla, I have great respect for bot makers, this level of programming is frankly awesome. From pixel detection to near-level AI frameworks, the GW2 versions I’ve seen are near mediocre opponents of PVE (versus PC) AI bots.

The bots that are all detected as far as I know are the linear versions on the static roads, the classic bot so to speak, will have a huge impact but the demand for gold is still high enough that they try it 10x, F2P has its advantages in game conditions, but also disadvantages that Everyone try again : s

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