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Request from Philip and Charles

According to Mohamed Al-Fayed, Dodi’s father, MI6 (British Intelligence) was behind the fatal car accident. He claims that only the late Prince Philip and his son Charles ordered the accident. For example, Charles managed to “quietly” marry Camilla Parker-Bowles, with whom he began a relationship after his divorce from Diana.

Philip would like to prevent Diana and Dodi from marrying each other. According to Dodi’s father, Philip did not want his grandson’s mother to marry a Muslim. It is said that Mohammed was in contact with the princess shortly before the incident, who said that she would soon announce her engagement to Dodi. In addition, he claims that Diana also told him that she was pregnant, something which turned out to be incorrect after a medical examination. “Diana told me several times that Philip and Charles wanted to get rid of her,” Mohammed said.

The millionaire even took the case to court, but due to lack of evidence, it was overturned. Muhammad said that the security services opposed him when he wanted to collect evidence. His story is supported by a former MI6 agent, who claims driver Paul was a member of the British Secret Service. It was alleged that a large sum of cash was found in Paul’s home. The money he got from MI6 according to Mohamed in exchange for his services.

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