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The number of smartwatch deliveries increased 47 percent in the quarter compared to a year ago. This was estimated by the strategic analytics firm. In total, 18.1 million smartwatches were delivered in the second quarter of 2021.

Apple smartwatches in particular are doing well, according to reports Strategy Analytics. This company remains the market leader with a market share of 52.5 percent. A total of 9.5 million Apple Watch models were shipped worldwide by the second quarter of 2021, with the Series 6 being the most popular model. In the second quarter of 2020, Apple introduced 6.5 million smartwatches.

Smart Watch Manufacturers Market Share (via Strategy Analytics)
a job 2nd Quarter 2020 Second Quarter 2021
An apple 52.8 percent 52.5 percent
Samsung 10.6 percent 11.0 percent
Garmin 9.8 percent 8.3 percent
else 26.8% 28.2%

Samsung ranks second in the smartwatch market, with a market share of 11 percent. That company shipped 2 million wearables in the quarter, a 52 percent increase from a year ago. Garmin is said to have shipped 1.5 million smartwatches last quarter, which is good for third place and a market share of 8.3%. Other manufacturers, including Xiaomi and Oppo, will make up another 28.2 percent of the market.

Strategy Analytics attributes the increase in smartwatch shipments to continued demand for “fitness devices with healthy features”. It is not clear to what extent the recovery from the Corona pandemic is related to this, but the analyst firm writes that the growth of the smartwatch market has ‘returned to pre-pandemic levels’.

The analyst firm further wrote that growth is likely to continue for the rest of the year, due in part to the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Apple Watch Series 7. Chinese companies such as Xiaomi and Oppo are also expected to contribute. For this growth, with more affordable 4G hours.

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Global smart watch delivery by the company (via Strategy Analytics)
a job 2nd Quarter 2020 Second Quarter 2021 annual growth
An apple 6.5 million 9.5 million 46 percent
Samsung 1.3 million 2.0 million 54 percent
Garmin 1.2 million 1.5 million 25 percent
else 3.3 million 5.1 million 55 percent
Total 12.3 million 18.1 million 47 percent

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