Slow smartphone? This is how to make your phone faster

Slow smartphone?  This is how to make your phone faster

Does it take several seconds to complete a simple Google search on your smartphone? Many tech tools get slower and slower over time, but you don’t have to accept that. You can take the steps yourself to make your Android phone faster.

1. Free up space

You’ve probably thought about this yourself, but you’ve probably forgotten a part: If your phone slowly It’s always a good idea to check out the videos, photos, and music you still want to keep. Storage seems to be a completely different sport than, say, opening apps, but your phone has problems with that if your memory is completely full. You can see how full your storage is by going to Settings > Storage. You’ll also find a “Free space” option here, although you can also browse the folders for photos and videos yourself to delete them. In any case, make sure that the storage space is no more than 80 percent.

2. Make animation faster

This is a bit of a separate tip, because not everyone knows it, but speeding up animations can help make your phone faster. At least, in terms of feel, because it doesn’t make your phone faster, it just feels that way. You need to enable developer options for this, which you can do by going to Settings > About phone and tapping on the build number seven times. Then go to the Developer Options menu and then all the way to the Drawing section. There are three settings to adjust: window animation scale, transition animation scale, and duration animation scale. Change all of those to 0.5x and everything seems to be going a little faster. Then disable developer options using the slider at the top of the list.

Slow smartphone?  This is how to make your phone faster

3. Delete the apps you don’t use

Do you eat so many smoked sausage that you always eat them customer card In the HEMA application? You might also be able to quickly download the app and sign in if you’re in the store anyway. In general, there are many apps on phones that you don’t or don’t use. Why should you keep it? They make your phone crowded so you can’t quickly find the app you need, and it’s often not necessary to install all of them. In addition, many applications are still secretly running in the background, which is why alone it is better to have very few applications. This is how you delete unused apps.

Slow smartphone?  This is how to make your phone faster
On many phones, you just need to long press the app in the list to uninstall it.

4. Go to the Lite app

And if you want to have an app on your phone, make sure you have a lite version. This is a slightly more abstract version of the app, where you are missing some functionality. Google is known for making many simple variants of apps. The advantage is that you can use and download them all for free, so you can first check if they are Google Maps Go Love. If not, you can always go for his older sister. Light apps often load faster and take up less space on your phone: the win. These are the most popular Lite apps currently existing.

5. Turn the phone on and off

It sounds a bit like the standard customer service response: “Is it plugged in?” But think about the last time you completely turned off your phone. Except for the update, you probably never did. However, it is still recommended that you turn your device on and off every day, or at least once a week, so that all apps running in the background are immediately closed. This basically has a positive effect on older devices, but it certainly won’t hurt new ones by giving it a few seconds of offline time now and then.

6. Update i . apps

Apps keep getting better and sometimes that’s in terms of how much space they’re using. If you click on your icon in the upper right corner of the Google Play Store, you can find out which apps need to be updated via App & Device Manager. Update your apps regularly and not only do you have a device that is hopefully less slow: you also have the most secure version of the app installed.

Slow smartphone?  This is how to make your phone faster
Make sure that you regularly update not only your phone, but also your apps for speed and security.

7. Factory settings: the last straw

If your phone isn’t that fast when it comes to gaming, the above tips probably won’t help you. Do you want to play big games like Jinshin effectSo you may need a new device. If you just want to do everyday things and you’re still having issues after all these tips, then a factory reset will probably be your last resort. Note: This removes everything from your phone, as if it was brand new from the factory. First make a good backup in the cloud, on your computer, a USB drive, or an external hard drive.

  1. Go to Settings and tap System Or look in settings for “reset” or “factory settings” or something similar
  2. tap on Restore factory settings (may also be called “wipe all data” or something similar)
  3. Read the warning message carefully
  4. tap on Reset phone

Is your phone ever slow? What do you do to make it faster? Let us know in the comments below this article. Good luck cleaning up and see you soon!

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