Sixth trio set off in SBS6 fire: ‘John de Moll let himself be fooled’ | TV

Sixth trio set off in SBS6 fire: 'John de Moll let himself be fooled' |  TV

Louwerens’ plans to allow television viewers to watch a fireplace for four hours, according to Talpa’s director, stemmed from a “sympathetic idea.” In it he says, “I’ve been a big fan of that.” telegraph. “In Scandinavia this was done once for a whole day, and I thought it was a great idea. Stitched a bit of corona. If you can celebrate something together, do it. A bit of slack talk, play, background fire. Sympathetic, real caring for each other. Some. And nothing more than that.”

When asked what Genee, Gijp and Derksen would say about the fireplace on TV on Christmas, Louwerens replied, “There’s no doubt there will be a very sarcastic comment, something like ‘That fire is better than the garbage that SBS6 usually airs,’ haha.”

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Talpa TV Director Marco Louwerens.

Talpa TV Director Marco Louwerens.

‘Let’s fool around’

Broadcasting Veronica is inside – Which makes room for the daily talk show at the beginning of January Sixth day – Monday evening begins, as expected, with Genee lighting a little bonfire. “We are ready,” the presenter said to his companions at the table, leaning back in his chair, and crackling fire appeared on the screens. Dirksen agrees: “We’re going to light the stove!”

“I spoke to the director, and there is a deeper idea behind it,” he knows mustache. “First of all, John de Mol is of course so exhausted, that he allows himself to be fooled into meeting with directors who have seen this in Norway.”

The idea behind it

Meanwhile, Jenny wakes up to read Dirksen’s autobiography in shooting to throw. “Let’s see if it burns. It burns well, that fire. Nice guy! Another book like that flashed, or not?”

Dirksen: “Just be careful we don’t deceive you. Look, there’s an idea behind that. We’re all sitting on the couch staring at all that bullshit on TV, tonight also a few hundred thousand of us, so the idea behind it is: Take it easy, And make time to eat in your spare time with good friends A nice game. The manager explained it to me. So I say, Marco. I don’t eat, I don’t like games and I don’t have friends. Then I sit for four hours looking at the blazing fire, which can also be found on Internet.

Giggs: “YouTube.”


The idea is “almost romantic,” says Dirksen, but if you meet throughout the week to get as many viewers as possible, you’ll scare them away. Nobody takes you seriously anymore.”

Van der Gijp especially wants to know: “Who is going to offer this? Because I’ve heard there are still two problems: who is going to serve it and how many commercials are going to end?” And while names like Viktor Brand and Rick Brandsteder for Genee come to mind, Dirksen notes that The brilliant idea “will cost the station money”.

Yao. “Ah, cheer up man. Photographing a fireplace…”

dog walking past

Louwerens says of it: “We’re usually so preoccupied with getting people to watch as much TV as possible. We also make our money with that. For the most part, we’ve let that income go on now. We have a little sponsorship from a supermarket chain with a campaign that instinctively associates with fire.” You hear Sky Radio in the background, and every now and then a block is placed on it or a dog walks in front of it.”

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