Singer Sarah Harding, 39, dies of metastatic breast cancer

Singer Sarah Harding, 39, dies of metastatic breast cancer

Sarah Harding passed away this morning at the age of 39 of metastatic breast cancer. Her mother Marie announced this on the Instagram page of the Girls Aloud singer.

“With a broken heart I share the sad news today of the passing of my beautiful daughter Sarah,” the mother wrote, accompanied by a photo of her daughter. “Many of you know about Sarah’s battle with cancer, and how she struggled so hard until the last day.”

The singer announced more than a year ago on Instagram that she had metastatic breast cancer. Earlier this year, she said her health was so poor that her doctors expected her not to make it past the end of this year.

Mary’s letter shows that Sarah “slept peacefully.” “I know she does not want people to be remembered for her battle with this terrible disease. She was a shining star and I hope she will be remembered that way.”

Harding participated in the British Got Talent Show in 2002 Popstars: Rivals. This led to the emergence of the group Girls Aloud, who had huge success with the song, among others The Promise. The group existed until 2013, after which each of the singers went their own way. Then the singer was seen in films like Leap employment Coronation Street and musicals such as ghost.

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