Singer Kelly is furious after the release of Beyoncé’s new album: ‘My sample is used’

Singer Kelly is furious after the release of Beyoncé's new album: 'My sample is used'

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Singer Kelis is angry with fellow singer Beyoncé. On the new album of the American world star, Renaissance, A sample will be heard from Kelis and this has not been previously discussed with her.

The sample in question is a short excerpt from the song Kelis be with youthat can be heard in the song energy On Beyoncé’s new album. One of Kelis’ fan pages posted the note yesterday.

Kelis says on Instagram he is “shocked at the lack of respect”. But she writes that she is especially angry due to the fact that Beyoncé never informed her before. “I found out about this at the same time as everyone else,” says the singer. “We met, and we know each other. It’s not hard to call me.”

The number from which the sample will be used will be:


Renaissance It is Beyonce’s seventh album. It took six years before he was released. It can officially be listened to today, but the album actually leaked on Wednesday. The reason for the leak is likely due to the early sale of albums in Europe.

Beyoncé was disappointed that her album could be listened to so early, but said she was pleased with the first positive feedback from her fans: “I’ve never tried anything like this before.”

Columbia Records, distributor of the album, has not yet commented on the leak. In 2011 the album leaked 4 Also, Beyoncé’s fourth studio album.

Came to the United States Renaissance Straight to the top of the iTunes sales charts.

I’m That Girl, first track from the new album:

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