Simon Zijlemans’ reaction to stopping the VTBL TV flop: ‘Absolutely sad’ | show

Simon Zijlemans' reaction to stopping the VTBL TV flop: 'Absolutely sad' |  show

“Well, that was just a phone shutdown this weekend,” Zgelmans tweeted in response to the news. “You win some, you lose some, live and learnTrial and error blablabla. But at the bottom, of course, just completely sour.

A positive note “in this rollercoaster for a month”, according to the presenter, is that the process was “very informative”. Zijlemans concludes by thanking “all those people behind the scenes and my side at the office who have all worked so hard for this over the past few weeks. And love to everyone who came up with such beautiful and encouraging words. This is rarer than I would have liked these days.”

Already in the first broadcast week, viewership numbers dropped from VTBL Finally through the hooves. For example, at the beginning of the program, 126,000 people watched. The second episode only managed to hold 89,000. After that, the show collapsed even more. Zijlemans will exchange the presentation with Frank Evenblij, but The program has already been discontinued before he can start this job.

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