February 7, 2023

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Silvia flirts with Hans' B&B guest: 'Disappointed in her behaviour'

Silvia flirts with Hans’ B&B guest: ‘Disappointed in her behaviour’

The episode started off well for the love-hungry Hans and Sylvia. Take it to a special place: a tree nursery where Sylvia can roam on the beautiful trees up to 180 years old (€11,000).

During lunch, Sylvia begins to talk about her former love for Hans, Libera. “She has a very beautiful look, did you know that?” But he knows his ex-wife well: “She can cheat too, you know.”

Sylvia tries to take Hans into the star world, but he does not start from there. “Once I knocked on the fortuneteller’s door.” Who is there? ‘ I said, ‘Okay, we can leave again. If you don’t already know it.”

Hans prefers to look for life’s answers in self-help books. But he does not know how to induce Sylvia to do so. “It’s nothing,” she told him. Later she said in front of the camera that there are better books. “I’ve read books by Gandhi and Helena Blavatsky. I’ve studied the Bible, you know? These are books with content.”

At dinner, the couple seems to be getting close to each other. They have the time of their lives, but then “Der Deutsche Italiener,” Silvia says of a guest at the bed and breakfast. And our Syl really likes this. “I find all men interesting, but that’s because I’m so emotional. I see nice guys everywhere, but that’s because I’m alone. When you’ve been single for a long time, all men become attractive, even to gay men. A dating wink,” she laughs. “Sometimes I date three times a week. I have a lot of experience with earth dating.”

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While Sylvia flirts with the male guest, Hans doesn’t like what he has to see under his roof. “To be honest, I was very disappointed. I was very disappointed in her behavior. Tell her right away and show how well she speaks German. Suddenly I saw Sylvia looking at me like: What is this waiter doing here? Then I ran away.” Ai, so while the day started off very positively.

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