Sigrid Kaag: D66 does not rule out BBB and JA21, but collaboration is unlikely

Sigrid Kaag: D66 does not rule out BBB and JA21, but collaboration is unlikely

D66 does not rule out BoerBurgerBeweging (BBB) ​​and JA21, but considers the chance of collaboration unlikely, says D66 party leader Sigrid Kaag in Op1. Thus responding to the news that emerged about the statement released by the D66 party leaders today for the provincial council elections. It stated that it would not cooperate with parties that stand in the way of its nitrogen and climate goals. Parties BBB, JA21, and PVV are explicitly mentioned.

The statement by the D66 party leaders follows statements made by BBB, JA21 and PVV in the election debate on NPO Radio 1 on Friday and in an interview with JA21 on “BBB makes breaking point in implementing the nitrogen approach by Christian van der Waal (Minister for Nature and Nitrogen, ed.) and JA21 makes breaking point for climate acceleration by Rob Gettin (Minister for Climate, ed.).” , D66’ers write “The PVV doesn’t even acknowledge that there is a climate and nitrogen problem that needs to be solved.”

“This does not mean closure.”

Kaag explains, “We advocate for a rapid approach to the nitrogen crisis. We want to build a future and deliver for farmers. We want to keep the economy open, and we want to restore nature.” If you don’t want to follow the recommendations Johan Remix made earlier on the nitrogen issue, “it’s hard to see collaboration,” says Kaag.

And stresses that “this does not mean a final answer.” “This means: we have those ambitions and we want to accelerate as much as possible, but it is different from excluding values, which we have always done systematically with the Forum for Democracy and the Freedom Party.”

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The text continues below the tweet.

Christian Democrat leader Wopke Hoekstra told NPO 1 radio earlier in the evening that he did not want to rule with “parties that oppose the rule of law”. By this he meant the Freedom and Justice Party and the Democracy Forum. “I’m glad Hoekstra said he didn’t want that either,” Kaag says.

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