Sic Neil Diamond (81) surprises baseball fans with sweet Caroline | stars

Sic Neil Diamond (81) surprises baseball fans with sweet Caroline |  stars

become traditional Caroline the sweet Turned in the eighth half During Red Sox home matches. Diamond sang with his hit song and this is unique, because the singer announced in 2018 that he will not perform again due to his health. The pop icon has Parkinson’s disease.

Caroline the sweet It has been played for years during Red Sox matches at home. In 2013, Diamond actually sang live during the Red Sox’s first home game after the Boston Marathon bombing.


During the corona period, the singer-songwriter made a special version of Evergreen. In addition, he changed the text to draw attention to the advice that has been given to people around the world to prevent the spread of the virus. Last month, during celebrations surrounding the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth, Britons were asked Caroline the sweet to sing.

Neil Diamond, now 81, wrote the song for his second wife, Marcia Murphy. To make sure this name fits into the song’s melody, “Marcia” apparently didn’t work, he chose a woman’s name with three distinct syllables. After seeing a photo of John F. Kennedy’s daughter Caroline in one of the magazines, he chose this name. The song became a worldwide hit in 1969.

However, the musical contribution did not help the Red Sox. The team lost 12-2 to the Cardinals in the MLB.

Neil Diamond performance in 2013:

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