Should Rachel and Roxanne Hazes keep fighting for themselves? | Join the conversation

Should Rachel and Roxanne Hazes keep fighting for themselves?  |  Join the conversation

When Roxanne shared Instagram to get a lot of support after her statements, Rachel also sought out the media. She immediately turned on her daughter. “Let’s just say that this is basically the rich imagination of a girl still young at the time,” she said. RTL Boulevard.

Her son Andre posted a comment on Instagram stating that he had read the messages with pain in his heart and indirect shame and hoped his mother would not be fooled by Roxeanne.

media brawl

Although the family researched the media themselves, Rachel also wrote on Instagram that she assumed everything within her family was negotiable, and that she finds it incomprehensible to be told this through a show. Roxanne no longer responds via social media and only writes thank you letters to the people who support her.


Jermaine finds it incomprehensible that Rachel expresses herself in the media about the family feud.

Twitter agrees, but thinks Roxeanne isn’t in trouble in the first place Dear singers It should have been discussed, but it should have been spoken to Rachel offline.

@cBrabers thinks it’s brave for Roxanne to speak out.

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what do you think? Do you understand that Rachel responds to Roxanne’s comments on the Internet? Or should she discuss this in private with her daughter? Have you ever had an argument online? Because that way you can share the story clearly? Or are you only discussing disagreements – offline – with the person in question? Join the conversation on our website Facebook page!

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