Shawn Mendes candid about the difficult period mentally: ‘The process was very difficult’ | Displays

Shawn Mendes candid about the difficult period mentally: 'The process was very difficult' |  Displays

Last summer, Shawn Mendes, 24, made a very tough decision. Cancel miracleWorld tour, to focus fully on his mental health. in conversation with The Wall Street Journal The Canadian singer is now reflecting on this difficult period for the first time.

The process was very difficult. A lot of therapy and a lot of trying to understand what I felt and what made me feel this way,” the singer said. “Then I had to go to work to help and heal myself.” Luckily, Sean could count on a lot of support. in my life to help me.”

The singer also says that his recovery process, over the past year and a half, has really opened his eyes and that he has “grown” exponentially. “I am so grateful for all the people who have been so accepting and loving and kind and understanding. And that made me realize that our culture is really starting to get to a point where mental health becomes a priority.”

emotional message

In an emotional message on Instagram, Mendes told his followers in July that he was not feeling well mentally and regretted being forced to cancel his tour. “I wasn’t prepared for the fees this tour would cost me. I flew out full of excitement, after not performing for a long time and traveling around due to the pandemic, but actually I wasn’t prepared at all.”

“I have to put my health first.” Shawn reassured his fans and pressed them that this did not mean the end of his music career. This does not mean that I will no longer make music. I can’t wait to see you on a future tour. It breaks my heart to disappoint you, but I promise I will be back. I love you. Thank you for all of your support.”

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