June 5, 2023

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Several users reported an error code when turning on Microsoft Surface Pro X Cameras – Tablets & Phones – News

Troubleshooting in the case of this issue shows that rolling back updates and driver updates (over the past few months) and installing an older driver does not help. Set the clock back (try following a very Recent article on The Verge). This of course causes other problems and is therefore not a valid solution.
It says that the current date and time is affecting, which I think indicates a problem with the certificate; I know of very few things that stop working at a specific time, the most common by far is the expired certificate. The fact that certificates are used to sign and verify drivers gives me the impression that an expired certificate has a high (er) chance of being the root cause.
Unfortunately, I didn’t have time (and my customer/user even less) to track down the affected driver and certificate: Resolution that this is a general issue Microsoft is updating for shall and will The release was reason enough for us to stop troubleshooting and wait for Microsoft.

It’s giving me the creep that in a future (remote) machine it might stop working on an unsupported (very old) system after a random certificate expires…

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