“Set the tone here”

"Set the tone here"

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“If you turn off the radio after Stefan, your day won’t be much better, but the world will be a little nicer.” Radio Vegte’s DJ Jeroen Kijk has been clear about his colleague Stefan Stasi, who is bidding farewell to NPO Radio 2 tonight after 28 years.

Tonight is the final broadcast of Stasi statenamed State funeral. Stassi, 63, whose shows have won Golden Radio Ring and Silver Travelmicrok awards, will present a new show on NPO Radio 5.

Four years ago, there was talk of moving to Radio 5, but after listener protests, this was postponed. “I’ve come to terms with it now,” he says. “We had a nice program for ten years, and now it’s nice.” Stasse remains the voice of NPO Radio 2.


Stassi went to drama school as a young man, then performed for a time with a theater group. He soon went to KRO, where he became skilled in the radio industry. “I started out as a theater guy in radio, and now I’m a radio guy with a theater background,” Stassi says. “When the microphone light comes on, the show begins and I use the power of imagination.”

It took some time before he truly mastered the role of radio maker. He says he doesn’t have the style of making fast radio.


Where strict formats and charts rule these days, Stassi uses his own style. “He comes from a school of radio that really specializes in storytelling,” says radio expert Vincent Bigelow. “In his programmes, the listener becomes part of the performance. It is unfortunate that he is no longer on Radio 2.”

Kijk in de Vegte calls Stasse the person who set the tone for the channel. “I think it’s very special to be able to ‘touch’ people over the radio and put your hand on their shoulders. Although he himself would be very humble about it.”

  • Afghan National Police

    Stasse at 3FM’s Serious Request in 2017
  • Afghan National Police

    Stassi (M) with fellow DJs Jeroen Kijk in De Vigt and Jan Willem Rudbin

Stasse has participated for years as a presenter on Top2000, NPO Radio 2’s year-end list. The DJ then plays the recordings with the audience present. For some DJs this may be awkward, but for Stas with his theatrical background, it was a familiar feeling. “During the Top2000, you have very little time to talk between recordings. Entertaining the audience is what makes me really happy.”

This is how Stasse concludes during the long introduction to reverberation From Pink Floyd to clear the corridors of sound and vision. And an idea to give the listener the entire Top2000 list To read aloud It stays with colleagues and listeners. “To fully embrace the absurd, and let it all happen. That’s the norm at Stasse,” says Radio 2 DJ Annemieke Schollaardt.

Last night was the last normal night Stase stateTonight, the makers say goodbye State funeral. Fellow DJs appear and artists perform.

Stasse will be broadcast on NPO Radio 5 from January 5 Magical Mystery Tour Present. He also prepares with co-host Tim Damon and then his theatrical style will be heard again, he promised.

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