sect or not? “Jumanda did not cut people off from the outside world”

sect or not?  "Jumanda did not cut people off from the outside world"

Cults may seem like a far-fetched show, especially since most people only see them in series or documentaries. “The reason people find this interesting is a little doubly so,” says documentary filmmaker Ewout Genemans. “She’s interested in how far people are going. And everyone finds it a bit exciting, like this big group of people who think the same thing.”

Genemans himself made a documentary about the medium Jomanda, The Real Story, which can now be seen on Videoland. “To this day, despite all the negative reports, there are still people who believe it can perform miracles. You fool yourself and therefore you end up trying it more and more. Only things really got worse when she herself became a believer,” Genemans said.

Get away from the outside world

While many people see Gomanda as a cult leader, she is not. What is the difference then? “Jumanda was of course on stage and was able to influence people. Only she didn’t immediately distance people from the outside world,” says worship expert Monique Molendyk.

You can end up in a sect in many ways. “In general, people are vulnerable to outside influences,” Molendyk says. You’re most susceptible to these effects between the ages of 12 and 25. “You can also see that with a kung wick. Your brain isn’t fully developed yet.” Cult leaders often know what to expect. “Everyone has an Achilles heel.”

“Sometimes you can be affected better than other times. For example, if you’re very lonely or your parents just broke up. Then suddenly someone who absolutely loves you comes up to you and cheers you up,” she continues. It can go away. “Some denominations go so far as to pick toothpaste for you. And it all happens so gradually that you don’t even realize you’re drawn to it.”

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