Secret Documents Found in Biden’s Former Private Office | Abroad

Secret Documents Found in Biden's Former Private Office |  Abroad
Secret documents were discovered in President Joe Biden’s former private office late last year. The US president’s lawyers confirmed this after a statement on Monday CBS News.

It is about ten documents. It is not yet clear what this entails. The documents date back to when Biden was vice president. CNN Some documents are marked “Top Secret,” meaning they contain sensitive information.

Secret documents were discovered by Biden’s lawyers in November. At the time, they were cleaning out Biden’s former private office at a Washington think tank.

The US Department of Justice is examining the documents with the help of the FBI.

Former President Donald Trump immediately responded to this news. “When is the FBI going to raid many of Joe Biden’s homes, maybe even the White House?” Trump said on his truth social site.

He mentions the search for his own Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. The raid was part of an investigation into Trump’s handling of sensitive information. The former president took home more than three hundred classified documents after resigning.

Lawyers for the current president say things are different with Biden. The National Archives is immediately informed on the day of discovery. According to Biden’s lawyers, the archives seized the documents the next day. In the Trump case, the National Archives noted that documents were missing, prompting an investigation.

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