March 25, 2023

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Second Life comes to tablets and smartphones after 20 years – IT Pro – News

Second Life, the virtual world that is now almost twenty years old, is getting a mobile version. Soon, players should be able to experience the same characters and worlds on their iOS, iPadOS, and Android devices thanks to cross-platform support. The beta should launch sometime in 2023.

Linden Lab, developer of Second Life, makes this known in a video and file post forum. The video also shows the first images of the mobile version of Second Life. Although this is the first time such an announcement has been made, the studio says it is not the first attempt. The studio staff says the mobile versions are built on Unity. The mobile versions they offer “didn’t have to sacrifice much in terms of graphics” compared to the desktop versions.

Second Life isn’t a game, like that The developers confirmed in 2007. A spokesperson said at the time: “There is no artificial conflict and no purpose.” Second Life is used to build online communities, build virtual websites and also shop there, for example. Second Life has its own Linden dollar, which players can buy for real money. In 2017, Ars Technica wrote a extensive background About the situation in Second Life at the time.

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