Search: “Android devices collect data on a large scale” – scam?!

Onderzoek: 'Android-toestellen verzamelen op grote schaal data'

Various Android phones collect data on a large scale and share this information with third parties. This is shown by research conducted by Trinity College Dublin and the University of Edinburgh, reports.

Several Android operating systems were searched, including those from: Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Realme, LineageOS and /e/OS.

Can’t unsubscribe

The remarkable thing is that users cannot opt ​​out of this, according to the researchers. Information will also be shared if your phone has been “minimally configured”, except for e/OS.


The researchers recognize that “intermittent connectivity with operating system servers is to be expected, but the observed data transmission goes much further than that and raises a number of privacy concerns.” They also mention that there may be an ecosystem in which different companies share this data.

It relates to the large amounts of data that is shared with the developer and third parties such as Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Facebook. This may also contain sensitive information about your interests.

The advice is: if your privacy is important to you, it is better to choose e/OS, since this Android variant hardly collects and shares data. Could you full investigation I read here.

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