June 2, 2023

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Ryan Reynolds has announced that he will stop acting for the time being

Ryan Reynolds has announced that he will stop acting for the time being

Ryan Reynolds It has been shown in many films in recent years. However, the now beloved actor says he wants to slow down and take a break from acting.The 44-year-old Reynolds recently posted a message on his Instagram page announcing that the shooting of his new movie, Lustybehind. He begins by saying:We’re done with Spirited. I don’t know if three years ago I was ready to say yes to a film that would present this challenge“.

I enjoyed
Reynolds enjoyed it. Thus he continues:Being able to sing, dance and play with Will Ferrell makes so many of my dreams come true. This is also my second movie with the amazing Octavia Spencer!

Reynolds certainly doesn’t sit still and besides his acting has several companies, but it’s going to get a little easier now. Thus he continues:This seems like the perfect time to take a break from acting. I will really miss her every second“.

It is not yet clear why the actor took a break. We also don’t know how long he plans to stop. actress wife Blake Lively, also responded to his message by saying that Michael Caine hit him with it (the 88-year-old veteran appeared to have given up acting, but that turned out not to be true).

Reynolds will appear next month in a month Dwayne Johnson employment Gal Gadot In the movie de Netflix red notice.

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