Sea of ​​Thieves hit a record 4.8 million players in June – Gaming – News

And as great as the game felt upon release, it’s incredibly full of content now!
Nowadays we can entertain ourselves for hours with all kinds of quests, world events and the latest addition, Pirates of the Caribbean is really cool!
We still play regularly and you can make it as exciting as you like.

Of course you are always playing with other people on the map, chances are that you will meet people who just want to fight, which is annoying sometimes, especially if you are trying to achieve something or you just want to sail nice and quiet.
On the other hand, we came across a lot of very nice crews with whom we formed alliances to do all kinds of things.

However, recently, something was terribly broken with the back end of the game and the developers seem unable to fix it. On our Discord channel, dev news goes through automatically and the phrase “Something went wrong with my player data between day x and day y and everything is lost” has become a huge and totally predictable meme. This turns out to be terribly incompetent, especially after 6 months of seeing the same bugs regularly with back end and accompanying excuses, with no form of resolution.
This does not affect the game itself, only challenges, compliments and rewards.

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