Scammer Ida buys six houses with an empty wallet in Zeman Face: “Threatening life”

Scammer Ida buys six houses with an empty wallet in Zeman Face: "Threatening life"

Ida is a successful businesswoman with a large fortune. At least that’s how she presents herself to her victims. This is also the case with Jeroen and Michel. They first contacted Ida when they put their house up for sale. Ida offers €85,000 more than the asking price for the house, an offer which the young couple accepts. “We were happy,” Jeroen says to the cameras. He faces the sailors.

The offer provides an additional budget with which Jeroen and Michelle can realize their dream home through a major renovation. But this dream ends in a real nightmare. “You ended up getting €90,000 less for your house, you had to move out of your house, you lived with friends and you no longer had money to renovate,” Thijs sums up their ordeal.

What Jeroen and Michel don’t know at that moment is that Ida is buying another house at the same time, that of Eveline and her husband. “She wanted to buy our house for her niece,” Evelyn explains. Ida pretends to be a woman who has a lot of money and can easily buy this house. “Then she told the story that €2.6 million was on its way to her company,” Jeroen explains to Thijs.

All parties are happy to sell their home, until they are told that the deposit has not been deposited into the notary’s account. “I thought, what kind of bad movie have we gotten ourselves into?” Evelin sighed. As a result, not all victims are able to complete the sale of their home and end up in financial problems, as some have already purchased a new home.

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Thijs immediately investigates and discovers that Ida is not only defrauding the homeowners, but also her employees. “The people who work with Ida are disappointed.” This also applies to Asha, a shareholder in one of Ida’s companies. Eda tries to get under Asha’s skin more and more, which spirals out of control to the point where Asha almost wants to give up on her marriage because of it.

Although Asha was about to listen to Eda’s manipulative behaviour, she eventually gives up on her marriage and in time realizes what Eda is doing. “She’s a very dangerous person. Really crazy. She just breaks down.” Why Ida exhibits this behavior is a big mystery to Thijs and his team. They don’t seem to make a dime from this, they just ruin the lives of their victims.

When Thijs confronts her, it seems that Ida still has no idea of ​​her misdeeds. “I think it’s almost laughable,” she says when Thijs explains to her how serious it is. Ida continues to believe in her stories, much to the frustration of her victims. “She really noticed that I was feeling angry,” says an emotional Michelle. “She had no idea what she had done.”

Thijs hopes the broadcast will essentially warn others not to do business with Ida. “Everyone knows who she is now. Let’s hope no one falls in love with this woman again.”

He faces the sailors See you every Tuesday at 8:30pm on RTL 5.

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