Save hundreds of euros with these tips from budget coach Yves van Obdorp

Budgetcoach Eef van Opdorp (foto: Omroep Brabant).

Energy prices are rising. The Cabinet calls on Saturday to lower the thermostat and does it itself. But what else can you do to save money in these expensive times? Budget coach Eef van Opdorp from Rosmalen knows what to do.

Of course she also wore two sweaters during the interview. “Yes Yes Yes!” “I’m always cold, so now I’m wearing an extra jacket.” Thus the first tip is already there before the conversation. Since 2008, The Savings Expert has been helping people get things back on track financially, including in the RTL Deferral Program.

The money is often spent in different places. “And so it begins with an overview,” is her advice. The National Institute for Budget Information (NIBUD) has Manual Calculation Tool On the site to see if you have a normal version pattern.

“You have to look at yourself with new eyes. You will see how you are now. What are you spending all your money on?” , she explains. “Just take it outside for half an hour.” Hence it is about making sharp choices if you are short on money.

Insurance and subscriptions
Big savings often come from insurance and subscriptions. “Then it comes to hundreds of euros, especially in terms of your car insurance. Go to three different sites to compare. You can also look at phone and cable subscriptions, Netflix and other fun. You can also save tens of euros for it.”

Because anything that happens automatically is treachery. “These are blind spots. I also call them money leaks,” knows the budget coach. “Often the amounts are all small, but if you add them up, it will go quickly. Especially on an annual basis.”

It is also wise to use your bank’s application. “Look back two months, ever I bought it.” The main thing is to analyze and understand the behavior of your money. “Only when you realize what you’re doing can you do something about it.”

People in central Rosmalen are also interested in the price hike:

Check the messages for yourself
According to Van Opdorp, you can make a big difference with small steps. “Pick up the self-scanner at the supermarket. Agree with yourself how much you want to spend on groceries.” Or you can cycle more often. “This way you can get into a sport right away, which saves you a subscription.” Or replace expensive coffee cups with old coffee with a filter. “It’s very tasty too.”

“Of course there are also low-income people who have already tried everything,” van Obdorp realizes. It also appeals to wealthy people. “Look at each other and help each other. With a little money or send someone in the right direction. And don’t be shy if you get in trouble, but ask for help. Don’t bury your head in the sand for years.”

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