Saturday at Kasa: The Speed ​​of Timing Belt Wear in Thousands of Cars – Al Kasa

Saturday at Kasa: The Speed ​​of Timing Belt Wear in Thousands of Cars - Al Kasa


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Exiting the news: the timing belt wears out quickly in thousands of cars

Thousands of car owners with a PureTech 1.2 3-cylinder engine have a timing belt in their vehicles that wears out very quickly and can cause potentially dangerous engine damage. The recall from the importer Stellantis (Peugeot, Citroën, DS and Opel) does not reach all owners of these cars. This is evident from the research conducted by CASA. On Saturday broadcasts (7.15pm on NPO2) the ‘problem drive’ was discussed frequently.

ANWB: Stellantis importer should take more responsibility

The ANWB states that “this timing belt causes many problems” and believes Stellantis should take more responsibility. The importer states that the recall relates solely to a software update, but the RDW’s report on the recall explicitly mentions the timing belt.

Loose timing belt particles

Oil filters, power brakes and eventually the engine block can all be affected by loose particles from the timing belt. Not only can this cause serious damage, but it can also pose a road safety hazard. So Stellantis reported the problems to the National Road Traffic Agency (RDW). In December last year, a recall campaign for cars with this type of engine was published. This obliges the importer to inform all owners of these cars about the recall. That this did not happen enough is evidenced by dozens of reports to CASA.

motorist costs

In addition, many owners seem to have been unnecessarily and unfairly charged for repairs that appear to be related to a timing belt that is wearing quickly. There is also uncertainty about the costs of inspection and, if necessary, timing belt replacement among the respective car owners that Kassa spoke to.

Reply from Stellantis

in Written response to Kassa states Stellantis The recall relates only to a braking system software update and only affects vehicles produced in part of 2017 and 2018. According to the auto group, all affected vehicle owners have either received or will receive a letter to that effect.

Automotive Group acknowledges that problems can arise with the timing belt. Cars with this type of engine can “experience timing belt wear” and are therefore checked at every service.

Continue to Exit: Lenders Don’t Compensate Properly

CASA has taken care of the loan sharks for years. successfully. A compensation scheme has been offered to clients of Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, ABN AMRO, ING, Rabobank and others. However, some lenders are still not compensating properly, according to emails and letters received by Kassa and Stichting Geldbelangen.

Bulbus: The Media Market and the Return of Broken TV

TV broken after repair more than before? At MediaMarkt this is possible. Curtis Hamm has returned the TV and has been waiting for months, but according to the store, he should be “more patient”…

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