Samsung will give all Galaxy A phones this functionality by 2022

Samsung will give all Galaxy A phones this functionality by 2022

The popular Galaxy A smartphones from Samsung may get an interesting feature next year. All devices are said to have optical image stabilization.

Read on after the announcement.

Samsung Galaxy A 2022 phones have optical image stabilization

According to the Korean website electricity Samsung will provide all Galaxy A smartphones coming next year with optical image stabilization. We see this feature mainly in expensive and high-end Android phones, but increasingly also in the middle class. The Galaxy A52 employment Galaxy A72, two popular phones released this year, already have optical image stabilization.

With optical image stabilization (OIS), the lens moves relative to the sensor (or vice versa) to correct movement when taking photos or video. Small vibrations from your hand have no consequences for image quality. This ensures that you take clearer photos, which is also useful in the dark. In the dark, smartphone cameras are more sensitive to motion blur.

It is still not clear when the Galaxy A (2022) smartphones will be announced. Samsung introduced the Galaxy A52 and A72 simultaneously in March of this year, but it also released different devices in the ensuing months. In June, for example, Galaxy A22 An affordable smartphone (€229) has been unveiled with 5G support and a large 90Hz screen.

Galaxy A52 on A72

As mentioned, the current Samsung A52 and A72 already have optical image stabilization. The devices have a 64MP main camera, but also a 12MP wide-angle lens and a 5MP macro camera. The A72, which is slightly more expensive than the A52, has an 8-megapixel telephoto lens. This allows the phone to optically zoom in up to 3x, in other words: zoom without quality loss.

Recently, Samsung announced Galaxy A52s in a. This smartphone has a faster processor than the regular A52 processor. It is related to the Snapdragon 778G chip, which is also used, for example, in Motorola Edge 20 sitting. Moreover, the A52s is almost identical to its predecessor, although the device has a 120Hz screen instead of a 90Hz screen. With a suggested retail price of €449, it is more expensive.

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