Samsung wants to keep developing mobile GPUs with AMD – tablets and phones – News

No, they did something more sinister. Heat throttling is very normal. Especially in a small environment such as a telephone. Laptops also throttle. For a CPU in a mobile device, it’s not a bad idea either, because most of the load lasts pretty short anyway, not long enough to throttle.

Where many brands including Samsung fell into the basket, it allowed the SoC to work as much as possible in standards and artificially limit things in applications. This is not the case with Apple, hardware behavior is no different from benchmarks or apps/games. Although it is impossible to prove it again due to the design of iOS. For example, I think Safari seems too slow for hardware, especially compared to the competition, but it’s not easy to prove if this is due to Safari’s configuration or intentional SoC throttling.

My point also isn’t that Apple is doing poorly, it’s that comparisons are often skewed and don’t tell the whole story and that the things Apple does with hardware aren’t free either. They cost a lot of heat and have much larger chips in terms of surface area and number of transistors than competitors. Also for this reason, Apple wants to introduce the new expensive socs, which have become much more expensive for them due to their size, only in their most expensive devices with the iPhone 14. It is starting to affect their “limited” profits a lot I guess.

I always miss a little nuance when people care about something collectively.

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