“Samsung updates Galaxy S6’s GPS to S9 despite end of support” – Tablets and Phones – News

Come on. You can also expect that you will have to put in more effort after your device from 2017-5 years ago, where official support has already ended, you will have to put in extra effort when the update is released.

No, I don’t think so. They can only put this update in the OTA. It was a flagship phone. If you have an update to ship, ask it instead of generating an unknown download link. Otherwise, your developers are basically working for nothing.

After all, it’s your choice to keep this thing for 5 years, in the meantime you also need a new battery. So you have to make an effort for this device anyway.

The “difficulty” of the media market charges 69 euros for a new battery including installation. You won’t find a new device so it works better than the S8+. In 2022, the device is still smooth without any compatibility issues with new applications and with a very good camera by current standards.

Also, the fact that the battery is not easy to replace by the user is a bad thing in itself, and not an excuse to hold off on updating.

This whole “5 years long” attitude, the phone buyer should give up. Especially since you are a drug addict. 5 years is too short for an 800 euro machine. If, after 4 years, my €800 laptop is suddenly no longer updated, that would be too bad. The S8+ was more expensive at launch than an i5 laptop with solid-state memory (SSD). So it should be held to the same standard.

In addition, Samsung promised that there will be an update for your device. They didn’t mention in that list that it would also be an OTA in NL, right? If so, you can file a complaint. If not, just Google where this update is and install it yourself; You are already someone who keeps an eye on Samsung news because otherwise you were not aware of this update.

Knowing people who only follow Samsung news about the update is not an excuse at all. That in itself is something worse than not rolling out the update via OTA. The fact that Samsung doesn’t bother pushing an update notification with a link to your phone, which they can do with minimal effort, is also modest.

Defending Samsung in this matter is nonsense. They were too lazy/stingy to release the OTA update and nothing else. As a consumer, you don’t have to make any kind of excuses for that, because you are simply disadvantaged by the manufacturer. The response “they couldn’t have done that either” makes absolutely no sense. The support period for the S8 line was already very sad compared to the competitor, Apple. The fact that they don’t push the latest OTA patch is only worse

I don’t understand at all the idea of ​​trying to justify the company’s actions, when they only think out of their own pockets and harm the consumer. As a consumer, would you like Samsung to do a little for you? Excuse some anti-consumer behavior while you are the consumer. What is this nonsense?

This phone is stuck in an Android version that is now 3 years old, while Apple phones that sold for the same price in the same year are still running iOS 16 and maybe even 17.

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