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The freezer is the only energy efficient appliance. The cool air stays there and the box doesn’t have to be refrigerated over and over again, just by opening the fridge door even for a moment.

So a refrigerator is by definition not energy efficient. Can you put many A’s and pluses on the label, the design concept is not suitable.

Glass isn’t exactly a good heat insulator, but there’s something to be said for a refrigerator with a clear glass door. Then the door has to be opened more often and you still know how the stocks in the fridge work.

During the day, you don’t even need a light in such a transparent refrigerator to see what’s inside. Easier to produce, less expensive materials are required and you are not dependent on the cloud with a clear fridge and/or freezer.

Well, it’s handy in itself that if you receive a recipe in digital form, you can “ask” your fridge if there’s enough in your fridge/freezer to carry out that recipe. Or you can ask your fridge what recipes are possible with what’s in the fridge/freezer.

But in principle, you do not need an application or a screen for this. Keeping records of what goes in and out is the only thing. But this is a huge problem for 95% of the population. I’m also a part of that, I’m too limp to do it myself.

You can say that many cameras can be installed in the refrigerator, and that with artificial intelligence you can determine how much and how much is in the refrigerator / freezer. Pictures of this can be sent to your phone/tablet/laptop/desktop so you don’t need a glass door/cover. Home-Assistant or similar software can help you with this and you still don’t need cloud (Samsung) or display on fridge/freezer.

And if you connect your Home-Assistant to the internet, you can also ask the AI ​​which store the missing components are the cheapest and order them online or send the shopping list to the relevant phone. Whether you collect it yourself at the store, have a store employee collect everything for you and whether you get it yourself from that store or have it delivered I leave it up to the reader.

The extent to which a cloud can actually help you fill your fridge/freezer is limited. But these features make you and/or your family dependent on Samsung for how long they support this refrigerator, or they want you to buy a new one. In addition, this information about how, what and when you/your family eat can also be used for a more complete profile and sold to insurance companies who adjust your premium(s) accordingly.

None of the above would be too bad if you assume Samsung is your friend. But it is a sensitive and cold company that wants to make as much profit as possible. Samsung per se can’t be blamed, the company is a company after all. But how do they invade your life in such a way when it is intrinsically unnecessary.

The system I describe in this post can also be housed in your old(er) refrigerator, but still work perfectly (or built in if you’re handy and know what you’re doing).

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