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Samsung has responded for the first time to the controversy surrounding moon photos from its Galaxy Ultra phones in recent years. The manufacturer claims that the satellite is “not an overlay.”

moon pictures. Source: u/iBreakPhotos

Samsung claims that the camera software uses multiple frames to improve detail. “When a user takes a photo of the moon, the AI-based scene optimization technology recognizes the moon as the main object and takes multiple photos for multi-frame overlays. Then, image quality and color details are enhanced through AI. No photo overlay has been applied to the photo.” . The response is largely compatible with Blog post from 2021but now Samsung explicitly says it’s not an overlay.

The program’s credibility was lost after the editor showed that the program had added details that had been made invisible in the source material. He intentionally shrank and blurred the image of the moon to remove detail, but it was still visible in the image Samsung used.

The AI ​​seems to work with the original image According to an experiment by MrWhoseTheBoss. Added his own element to the existing moon image. The program has not replaced singer Rick Astley’s faint likeness, but has attempted to transform him into a lunar crater. Samsung appears to have trained AI to fill in the details of the moon’s surface without using a direct overlay.

Samsung calls the Space Zoom function. The change of moon images can be stopped by turning off the scene optimizer. Moon images are also discussed on this week’s Tweakers Podcast.

Rick Astley as Moon Crater Source: MrWhoseTheBoss

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