Samsung: One UI 6.0 for Galaxy phones fixes killing unwanted apps – Tablets & Phones – News

I wonder if this varies per app, I was finally able to receive my S22U emails and whatsapp messages within seconds after they actually arrived.

Because with default settings, it may take 10 minutes or more before a Whatsapp notification arrives (with the screen off, if you are busy with your phone, you will receive notifications immediately).

And I’m not talking about email, it sometimes took over an hour.

You’ve always had LGs, Motorolas, and iPhones before without these issues, and even now at default settings, all notifications on older iPhones and LGs (running the A12) come right away, without messing around like with Samsung.

And figuring out how to solve this was more for my partner if Samsung gets a notification later it’s not a disaster my other device will immediately but my partner only has one and it regularly happens that you send a message and it takes so long for my partner to get a notification I sometimes had to call Or my partner didn’t even know I sent a message

So it’s nice that Samsung finally sticks to it.

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