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Samsung is working on an 8k Ultra HD display, announced during AMD’s presentation Thursday night. In the presentation it is written in smaller letters “8K: Horizontal only”. This ultrawide band is supposed to be about 8000 pixels wide.

Samsung calls it the Odyssey Neo G9, which is the same name as the current model from the company. It was not revealed how many pixels it would be high. The diameter, aspect ratio and potential curvature are also unknown factors. AMD says it should be the first DisplayPort 2.1 monitor.

However, by the proven accounts, it is possible to make an estimate of what Samsung is working on. Assuming a horizontal width of 7,680 pixels, which is equivalent to that of 8k-16:9 TVs, the screen would have 2,160 pixels vertically. This is assuming the new Odyssey Neo G9 will have the same 32:9 aspect ratio as the current slate.

There is also some ambiguity about aspect ratios. The presentation talks about a “ultrawide screen,” but on the website, Samsung calls 32:9 screens a “ultrawide ultra wide screen.” Tweaker calls the 32:9 ultra-wide screen. When more details about the display are announced, it should become clear what exactly the ratio is and what it is called.

To get an idea of ​​the screen’s possible additional features, you can also take a look at the current G9 from 2021. It featured a 49-inch diagonal VA panel, 240Hz refresh rate, and 2048 Local dimming areas Using tiny LEDs, 1ms gray-to-gray response time, G-Sync compatibility, FreeSync Premium Pro, and 1000R curvature. The G9 also has an RGB lighting ring on the back. These specifications are expected to be met or exceeded. Tweakers also made a review that screen. Samsung will announce more details about the new Odyssey NeoG9 in January, at CES.

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