Samsung Galaxy A53 and A33 review

Samsung Galaxy A53 and A33 review
  • Samsung Galaxy A53
  • Samsung Galaxy A33


The Galaxy A53 is similar to the devices from the Galaxy A52 series in every way; From the no-nonsense designed housing to the feature set. It is outstanding for the price. For example, the A53 has an IP67 water resistance rating, which few other mid-range phones have, and the device will receive updates for at least five years. The screen and camera are above average too. The point is that the A52 also has many of the listed advantages, with the A53 being worse rather than better in other respects. The new Exynos soc is slower than the Snapdragon in the faster A52 version, and the A53 no longer has a 3.5mm headphone port and an inline charger. The longer battery life compared to the older model is an added advantage.


The Galaxy A33 is a very different device from the Galaxy A32 that was stripped last year. It is very similar to the A53, but slightly inferior in quality. The screen only reaches 90Hz, while the camera sensors have a lower high resolution. The loss of sharpness is particularly noticeable with the ultra-wide-angle camera, but it doesn’t turn out badly with the front camera. The A33 also notes a shorter battery life in our tests. However, there is an IP67 rating for water resistance and at least five years of updates. These are distinct features that many other mid-range devices do not have. As with the A53, there is no 3.5mm headphone port and you won’t get a charger with it. Right now, the A33 isn’t much cheaper than the A53, with the A52 hardware, which is also more luxurious, and even less expensive.

The device from the Samsung Galaxy A series is a popular choice among consumers who do not have to go out of their way in the smartphone area. Perhaps even the most popular; one witness Recent Research Almost half of the Dutch population has a South Korean brand smartphone in their pocket, and in the middle part of the devices around 300 euros, you end up with a Galaxy A phone at Samsung.

For several years now, Samsung has been focusing on the “little frills, good camera” formula for the A series. Previously, the A-series weren’t very successful, partly because the focus was on the cheaper Galaxy J devices and it seems Samsung didn’t want to stand in the way of the A series The most expensive Galaxy S. from Galaxy A50 As of 2019, the road has been found. With this device and A 51 As of 2020, it wasn’t much of a mistake except for the very slow fingerprint scanner for the first one, but it was Galaxy A52 From last year it was a real success. Although the housing doesn’t look quite as exciting, Samsung has built in a number of distinctive features. There was an IP67 rating for water resistance, the device had stereo speakers and a relatively luxurious camera system, as well as a good OLED display and good software. You can still buy the A52, in 4G and 5G variants, with an extra one later in the year. Galaxy A52s It turns out, in addition to the other plus points of the A52 series, there is a relatively quick meeting of this price range.

The Galaxy A53 So it has to achieve a lot to become just as recommended as the Galaxy A52 in all its forms. It seems that the manufacturer leaves nothing to chance. If the Galaxy A53 and A52 are next to each other on the table, it is almost impossible to tell them apart. We had a lovely game with her at the Tweakers editors last week. The materials and finish of the cans are almost the same and the design varies with difficulty. The feature set is pretty much the same, with Samsung betting on the same plus points: a waterproof casing, a 64MP camera with OIS, a 120Hz OLED display, and a very long-lasting promise of an update. The entry price of 450 euros is also identical, with the device already priced at less than a hundred euros in the two months that it is now on sale.

Interestingly, Samsung will be releasing another device this spring that will bring nearly all of the A53’s plus points to a lower point in the line. the new Galaxy A33 It’s not nearly as stripped as last year’s A32, and it has the same social and water-resistant shell as the more expensive model. The camera is less good on paper, and the same goes for the screen with a 90Hz refresh rate, but the A33 is still better equipped than some competitors. You can already buy the A33 for less than 300 euros, so we thought it was time to put both smartphones to a thorough test.

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