Samsung Galaxy A52s review: A little faster, a little more expensive

Samsung Galaxy A52s review: A little faster, a little more expensive

Samsung scored high with the Galaxy A52 earlier this year, but does the slightly modified A52s convince, too? You can read this (and more) in this brief review.

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Samsung Galaxy A phones are very popular, and the A52, which was released about six months ago, explains exactly why. The affordable smartphone has good hardware, good cameras, good battery life and excellent software support, but you don’t have to pay the highest price for it. The A52 was put on the market with a suggested retail price of €349, but you are now paying a few dozen more in many online stores.

This likely has something to do with a worldwide chip shortage, which means that Galaxy A52 (also in Holland) Not always readily available. Now Samsung comes with the Galaxy A52s: a device that offers much of the same, but is a little faster and more expensive. However, it is widely available everywhere. In this short review, we discuss the A52s with you.

The same design, more smooth screen

on the outside is Samsung Galaxy A52s Identical to the “regular” A52. The device has a plastic casing and is IP67 certified. This means that the A52s is dust- and water-resistant, and thus can survive rain and splashes down the toilet. The plastic used looks a little cheap, but since most people put their devices in a case anyway, it doesn’t matter much.

Different: The Galaxy A52s has a 120Hz screen. With the A52 from early this year, the screen refreshes a maximum of 90 seconds and the A52s looks a bit smoother. We put both phones side by side, and while you can see the difference, you hardly notice it in daily use.

Fortunately, the screen quality is still very good. The amoled screen displays beautiful colors and good blacks and can be quite bright. With its large size (6.5 inches) and high resolution (2400 x 1080 pixels), the A52s is a great phone if you play a lot of mobile games, or like to watch movies and series.

A faster processor is a big improvement

The big change can be seen with the Samsung Galaxy A52s under the hood. The midranger received a faster processor in the form of Snapdragon 778G. By comparison, the regular A52 had a Snapdragon 720G. The RAM (6 GB) and storage space (128 GB) remain the same and you can expand the storage again with a micro-SD memory card.

Samsung Galaxy A52s Review

Although the Galaxy A52 was definitely not a slow smartphone, there were also devices in the same price range with better performance. The A52s solves this flaw and it is due to the faster Snapdragon 778G chip, which we also know from Motorola Edge 20. The processor is powerful, runs all applications and games smoothly and does not consume much power. 5G support is also available as standard, while a 4G version of the A52 has also appeared.

Samsung Galaxy A52s is a fast and fast smartphone, the smooth 120Hz display also gives you the feeling that you are handling a powerful device. So we are very satisfied with the performance. Sometimes the fingerprint scanner at the bottom of the screen is a bit slow, but it works just fine other than that.

Software: Android 11 updates en lang

Like you on our site Galaxy A52 review You can read, good Samsung software. The One UI skin, which the company dumps via Android, is beautiful to use and straightforward. Also in terms of updates, Samsung has its affairs in order. Galaxy A52s works Android 11 And it gets three major version updates.

Samsung Galaxy A52s Review

This means that you can count on updates for Android 12and 13 and 14. So you’ll be fine in the coming years and that also applies to security patches. The A52s gets an Android security update every month, and Samsung promises to support the smartphone for at least four years. We don’t see that much in this price bracket.

Cameras: No improvements

The Samsung Galaxy A52s has exactly the same cameras as the Galaxy A52 earlier this year. This is why we refer you to Samsung Galaxy A52 review To discuss camera performance. To sum it up very succinctly: the A52s take good photos in plenty of daylight, but it does have a switchable night mode.

Samsung Galaxy A52s Review

Another (but small) downside is that Samsung hasn’t added a telephoto lens to the Galaxy A52s. In addition to the main camera, the device has a wide-angle lens, a macro camera and a depth sensor, but the camera that can be zoomed is missing. The Galaxy A72 – which is admittedly dozens more expensive than the A52s – has this camera.

Battery life

We also don’t see any improvements in the Samsung Galaxy A52s battery. The battery again has a capacity of 4,500mAh, which is the 2021 average. Given the smooth 120Hz screen (instead of 90Hz), we were briefly afraid that the battery life would be less good, but thankfully that wasn’t the case. On a full charge, the A52s always lasts a full day, even if you use the smartphone extensively.

Samsung Galaxy A52s Review

We think it’s a bit unfortunate that Samsung didn’t deal with charging speed with the Galaxy A52s. In our opinion, a faster device also requires faster charging which is not the case. The A52s charges at a maximum of 25 watts, but – just like the A52 – it comes with a 15-watt slow-down plug.

Samsung isn’t a runner when it comes to charging its smartphones fast, but we’d have liked to see a 25W adapter in the Galaxy A52s box. After all, many devices in this price range charge faster. The OnePlus Nord 2 For example, it has a 65W charger, which fully recharges the phone in about half an hour. Samsung A52s can only dream of this fast.

Samsung Galaxy A52s review conclusion

The Galaxy A52s is not a complete successor to the A52, but only a slightly modified and faster version. The more powerful processor and 120Hz screen are nice improvements, but other than that, there’s little new under the sun. However, this does not make much difference, because the A52 was already an excellent mid-range car with a good price-quality ratio.

The Galaxy A52s is now the same price as the A52 so we recommend going for the s version if you are in doubt between smartphones. The device has no major flaws, gets Android updates for a long time and offers so much for so little. For around 400 euros, the A52s are again an excellent choice.

Buy Samsung Galaxy A52s

Do you want to buy a Samsung Galaxy A52s? In the price comparison, you’ll find the best deals for losse Samsung A52s. At the time of writing, you were paying €399 for the device. You can of course too Samsung Galaxy A52s with subscription Take it home.

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