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The Samsung S10 compared to the iPhone 13 Pro is a world of difference. day and night. I made this upgrade a few months ago.

I have already watched many series on the small screen, which is now much nicer with HDR / DoVi with 1000 nits. On the S10 that drained battery power quickly at 1080p, it now streams 4K and 65GB files with ease, with enough battery to get you through the rest of the day without a worry.

The sound from the built-in speakers is now a lot nicer on quiz shows like Taskmaster, voices are now finally audible.
Video recordings in the dark are now worth watching, and the battery lasts longer.
Depth cameras are a godsend for a quick approximation during moving, packaging, and construction.

And the bulk of the technology that’s now on board is still in its infancy, and I realize that, too. LiDAR and ToF sensors are not doing well yet, sound could be better with improved/more speakers, screen and SoC could be more economical.

On the S10, trying to edit a “after movie” during the return trip was a complete disaster.
On the 13 Pro, this is convenient, and can be done while chatting.

Today’s flagship phone can do more than one from five years ago, and I can only dream about what these high-end pocket computers with connectivity capabilities will be like five years from now :Dr

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