Samsung announces UFS 4.0 flash storage with double bandwidth – tablets and phones – news

Samsung is working on UFS 4.0 flash storage, which is an improved version of the UFS 3.1 flash storage now used in smartphones. UFS 4.0 can read sequentially at up to 4200 MB/s and write sequentially up to 2800 MB/s, both of which are multiples of 3.1.

UFS 4.0 uses Samsung’s 7th generation v-nand and a proprietary controller. Samsung Semiconductor branch writes About doubling the bandwidth per Line He says 4.0 can handle up to 23.2 Gbit/s per lane. The company says that this storage space is suitable not only for smartphones, but also for the automotive industry, augmented reality and virtual reality applications.

In addition to being faster, the new storage chip is also more efficient, according to Samsung. The company talks about a sequential read speed of 6MB/s per milliampere. This is a 46 percent improvement over UFS 3.1.

UFS 4.0 comes in various sizes up to 1TB and storage up to 11x13x1mm. UFS 3.1 is Always 11.5x13mm in size and 1.72mm max. Samsung says that UFS 4.0 has already been approved by Jedec and expects mass production to begin in the third quarter of this year. It is not known in which smartphones UFS 4.0 will appear. Samsung uses the storage space in its own phones and also supplies it to third-party smartphone manufacturers.

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