Samsung announces 43″ and 98″ version of the Neo QLED TV QN90A – Sound and Vision – News

It’s funny that you think I’m talking to the group while I work in a commercial electronics store myself. Then I had to be a full Samsung supporter. Well, that aside. This anecdote about a dark room or a lighted room does not matter at all. I have been selling OLED TVs for over 4 years and have never heard a complaint about this issue. OLED or QLED TV’s anti-reflective coating is good/bad. So it does not matter. This is because with OLED each pixel is controlled separately and thus has the best viewing angle.

I wouldn’t even bother with HDR10, since there is absolutely no content designed specifically for it. Dolby Vision is simply the market leader in this, just yes Samsung doesn’t support it… HDR10 is simply a standard that is on every TV.

About Sony OLED which can certainly be explained, the Sony XR processor offers the best color matching out of the box already ( In addition, Sony offers the best compact speakers for people who do not want a speaker.

Unfortunately, the fact that the human eye still prefers looking at good contrast over excessive brightness, something Samsung takes pride in, I see 90% of customers all switch to OLED after neutral demos. Purely for contrast and color matching. There is, of course, a reason why Samsung has coined the marketing term QLED, to fight OLED as a competitor.

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