Samantha Stenwick sues Yvonne Coldweger

Samantha Stenwick sues Yvonne Coldweger

It all started with a video Yvonne posted a while ago in which she claimed that Samantha’s sudden weight loss had nothing to do with riding and eating smaller portions. According to Yvonne, Samantha “deceived to the extreme and also illegally”.

Samantha Lomax Pills could be life threatening and Yvonne will also have proof of that. Lomax pills are illegal in our country. Yvonne explained: “Why is this illegal? Because it looks like people have had a brain haemorrhage. ‘This is very dangerous, we are not going to allow it,'” said Yvonne.

Recently, Yvonne announced in her stories and in a YouTube video that Samantha strongly denies these rumors, but this “correction” turned out to be not enough. In her latest video, Yvonne announced that Samantha has sued her. After Yvonne, Samantha, and Samantha’s attorneys did not agree on the method of rectification, Yvonne received a summons at the mailbox yesterday for summary proceedings.

“The correction shouldn’t have been done in their own words, but it should have been exactly as they wrote it,” Yvonne says. “Isn’t it very special that after correction you still sleep someone in court, don’t you have something to do or something?” According to Yvonne, Samantha is demanding not only correction, but also 5,000 euros for non-physical damages.

Yvonne won’t let this pass her by. “I’m sticking to my position that that’s simply true, next Tuesday I have to go to court. What a waste of money and time. Did I actually get a correction and then it’s still not good. You really think it’s BeyoncĂ© or something, BeyoncĂ© Stenwick.” Today, Samantha and her manager said the case is under trial and they do not want to comment further.

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Samantha already told us at the end of last year how she managed to lose 22 kilograms:

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