Safety of drivers in other US states against abortion law

Safety of drivers in other US states against abortion law

Wednesday, September 22, 2021 17:33

NEW YORK (AP) – With the introduction of new stricter abortion laws such as Texas, the Uber taxi service will protect its drivers from lawsuits in other states in the United States. Uber CEO Tara Kosroshahi told Bloomberg News Agency.

As of this month, women in Texas are barred from terminating their pregnancies after six weeks and anyone who violates the law can sue a woman or an abortion hospital. Lift, an Uber and industrialist, has said it will pay legal fees to drivers in Texas who are accused of taking pregnant women to abortion hospitals.

According to Kozroshahi, Uber would do the same for drivers in other US states if it came up with similar abortion laws. “We don’t think drivers should sue private customers for this. This is unprecedented and wrong. If this happens in other states, like Texas, we will stand behind our drivers,” the CEO said.

Salesforce, a software company, has announced that it will help employees and their families if they want to leave Texas because of the abortion laws in the southern state. The dating processor has set up a fund to help Texas women who want to have an abortion at the pump.

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