S10, Yellow Wolves and Ukraine: Why do you want to watch the Eurovision Song Contest tonight | right Now

S10, Yellow Wolves and Ukraine: Why do you want to watch the Eurovision Song Contest tonight |  right Now

The Eurovision Song Contest begins tonight with the first semi-final. For the Netherlands it is an instant hit: the S10 on the podium. But there are many reasons to turn on the TV tonight. Singers Mika and Laura Pausini appear at their presentation, the mysterious “Subwoolfer” members perform and Ukraine takes over the stage.

The Italians focused on making the Eurovision Song Contest a real spectacle. The first semi-final begins with a story about an inventor making a flying machine that can shoot (a drone, but they don’t call it that). This is followed by a minute-long show with lots of fireworks, dancers and light arts.

Do you really want to see only the S10? Then you have to turn on the TV around 9.43pm. The eighth singer can be seen after Bulgaria and before Moldova. And if you also want to know if she made it to the final, it’s smart to put the TV back on NPO1 around 10.50pm. Then don’t miss the moment when the 10 finalists are announced.

The evening will bring together world-famous artists Mica and Laura Bossini. The third presenter is Alessandro Cattelan. We don’t know them well in Holland, but they’ve been doing all kinds of TV shows in Italy for years.

According to the bookmakers, Ukraine is the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest and is also in the first semi-finals. Then the band comes up with their song StefaniaAbout the mother of rapper Oleg Psyuk. In recent months, the song has become a battle song on social media. Ukrainians share the song among photos of the volunteers, how they are in shelters and how they are preparing for the attacks of the Russians.

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Also interesting this evening: an anonymous Norway post. It has not been officially revealed who is behind the yellow wolf masks from Subwoolfer. Of course there are all kinds of theories.

After Seventeen Countries there will be more music: DJ Benny Benassi provides breakout acting with Dardust, Sophie and the Giants. Diodato, who was going to run for Italy in Corona 2020, also got a spot on the show. He can get his number Faye rumor So we still play it for Eurovision fans.

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