Rutte and Adriansen on ‘Semiconductor Mission’ to America

Rutte and Adriansen on 'Semiconductor Mission' to America

Photo: ANP

Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Economy Minister Mickey Adriaenses will visit the US next week, along with Flemish Prime Minister Jan Zambon. The purpose of the economic mission is to strengthen cooperation in the field of semiconductors.

The Ministers will travel to the US with a delegation of companies and knowledge institutions led by VNO-NCW and the Flemish Agency for International Entrepreneurship. In addition to the company visits, a visit to Luke Air Force Base in Arizona is also planned. Dutch Air Force pilots are trained here for the F-35.

Rutte will head to ASML’s American branch. At the insistence of the United States, chip machine manufacturer Welthoven has been subject to restrictions on the export of its machines to China. Washington wants to prevent China from acquiring high-end technology that can also be used for military purposes.

Software makers Microsoft and Nvidia, self-driving car developer Waymo and companies specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) are other companies appearing in the route. At the end of the trip, Dutch start-ups will have the opportunity to present themselves in ‘Silicon Valley’.

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