Russia threatens to further cut off gas supplies to Europe | Economie

Russia threatens to further cut off gas supplies to Europe |  Economie

Russia’s Gazprom threatens to allow less gas to flow to Europe soon. The state-owned company reported this on Telegram. This concerns the gas that flows to the West through Ukraine: the only route through which Europe still receives Russian gas.

According to Gazprom, tens of millions of cubic meters of gas destined for Moldova are stuck in Ukraine. Russia is currently at war with this country.

Therefore, the Russians are now threatening to send less gas through the pipeline, which could have consequences for the amount of gas received by the EU countries. The news caused the trading price of light gas to rise by about 2 percent.

Ukraine denies holding gas to Moldova and believes Russia is using it as political leverage. The President of Moldova called on her citizens to prepare for the harsh winter.

Since last fall, the Russians have been increasingly shutting off gas supplies to Western Europe. This was accelerated when the Russians attacked Ukraine at the end of February.

Because of the most important gas connection, Nord Stream 1, no gas had flowed at all for several months. After gas supplies from the pipeline had already stopped, two explosions occurred on the pipeline in September. According to the authorities, it is related to vandalism, although it is not yet clear who is behind it.

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