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Sony may be working on a PS5 remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn. Sources have reported this to gaming websites MP1ST and VGC. The improved version, in addition to better graphics, will get new graphics modes, accessibility features and minor changes to the gameplay.

Writes MP1ST Based on its own sources, Sony Interactive Entertainment plans to release a modified version of the game. Games site VGC, which often shares information about unannounced games at an early stage, was able to say so. Confirm with private sources.

The remastered version of Horizon Zero Dawn, which debuted on PS4 in 2017, is expected to get improved visuals, which should be more in line with the sequel: Horizon Forbidden West. Sources from MP1ST and VGC talk about improved lighting, renewed textures, and better and new animations Character Models.

Moreover, the media reported that the re-recorder will have several access options, which were also introduced in the sequel. The game will also have different graphic modes, where players can choose a higher frame rate or better graphics. The switch should also get quality-of-life improvements, although no further details were given on that.

Horizon Zero Dawn previously received a patch for the PS5, which gave the game support for 4k60 play with a checkerboard rendering. A PC version was released in 2020. Sony has also released several new mods and versions for PS5, including Spider-Man, Ghost of Tsushima, Uncharted 4, and The Last of Us.

Sources from MP1ST also reported that Dutch developer Guerrilla Games is working on a multiplayer game in the Horizon universe. References to this began to surface last year, when Guerrilla posted online job postings for various positions, including “Social Systems Designer with a passion for player communities and social features.” At the time, the studio was also looking for a writer with “extensive knowledge of storytelling and narrative design in open-world RPGs, online games, and MMORPGs.” Then wrote VGC It “understands” that Guerrilla has been planning to expand the Horizon series with multiplayer for some time.

It is not yet known when the alleged Remaster and multiplayer game Horizon should be released. Sony Interactive Entertainment did not respond to questions from VGC.

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