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Samsung plans to supply the Galaxy S24 with Exynos soc next year. This will be the Exynos 2400-soc, a chip with ten cores and a surface of 125 mm². It will be mass-produced for the first time in 2024.

from rumours South Korean media It turns out that mass production of the Exynos 2400 won’t start until November of this year at the earliest, and so it will only appear in the Galaxy S24 for the first time. Exynos 2400 is an array of ten cores, of which Cortex X4 is the primary at 3.1GHz. The 2400 also has five Cortex-A720 cores, two of which have high and three low clock speeds of 3.6GHz and 3.3GHz, respectively. Moreover, there will be four Cortex A520 cores on the device dedicated to low consuming tasks. The surface area is 125 mm², which is quite large for a mobile processor.

Outside earlier rumor The CPU also appears to have an RDNA 2 GPU which the company calls Xclipse X940 and has a maximum clock speed of 2GHz. These specifications may change once mass production of the device begins.

The rumor is striking, because Samsung has increasingly turned to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon socs in recent years. At the end of last year, the manufacturer said that Samsung will not introduce Exynos socs into the devices. This only happened on a few European models, including those in the Netherlands and Belgium. However, earlier this week, a rumor surfaced that the fan version of the S23 will still get an Exynos chip. This will be 2200.

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